Which Access Control System do you choose?

Your 5 choices of Access Control Systems

Access control systems secure entry into or within buildings through controlling doors, revolving doors, turnstiles, gates and barriers. But which method should you choose?



A lock on the door or gate means you can control who can get through. All you have to do is give everyone, who needs to get in, a key. Easy!

The problems start when someone loses a key or leaves the business and doesn’t return the key. What do you do then?

The most secure way is to replace the lock and then issue everyone with a new key, but that’s a lot of time, administration and money for something that could happen frequently.



Entering a code into a keypad is a relatively low cost, simple method of entry. There is no need to administer cards or tokens and therefore, these can’t be lost! It’s great for smaller blocks of flats or businesses.

Compared to other systems, it’s not the highest security as unless the PIN codes are regularly updated, previous users may still have the ability to open the door.



Tokens are easy to look after as they are generally kept on key rings. If lost they can be easily removed from the system and therefore they offer a higher level of security.



Cards offer high level security like tokens, with the added benefit of being able to integrate with other devices such as vending machines



Biometric systems include finger print, iris and facial recognition technology. They offer high level security and can never be lost. Recent developments mean they are now very reliable systems and although a little more expensive than the more traditional methods, customers are never disappointed.


Each system enables restricted access, safeguarding people, property, equipment and stock. Reports can be generated showing staff movement and most systems allow security to be controlled from any location where there is access to the software.

These systems are suitable for virtually any location where you need to control access. We have recently installed them in offices, factories, schools and apartment buildings.

Hopefully this have given you something to think about. There are many ways to control access to your building, from a basic key (and all the issues losing one comes with) to biometric systems.

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