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HN Storey offer a range of services to suit you needs, we often get calls and enquiries with questions that we are always happy to answer but to save some time we’ve put together some frequently asked questions to save you time. If you have any further enquiries do not hesitate to give us as call.

Access control is the ability to decide WHO, WHEN and WHERE someone can enter your premises.  The online systems have the ability for you to view a report of where people have been.

Access control can be used on just one door or all entry points.  Installing access control on your main entrance door allows staff to enter without the need for issuing keys.

There are Online access control systems which are connected to a computer that runs the system and there are Offline access control systems that do not require a computer.

The access control system will be connected to an electronic lock.  The system will then tell the lock when to open.  This may be when a valid card is presented or it may be all day between specified opening hours.

All tokens are individually coded.  This means that cards can easily be deleted if lost without affecting any other cards.

A biometric reader will allow the system to identify a person without the need for a card or fob.  This may be using a fingerprint or the iris recognition systems you now see at airports.


Almost any type of door can be automated. A door opener can be fitted to all types of door: sliding doors (patio doors, internal pocket doors, glass sliding doors) or swing doors (hinged front doors or hinged back doors).

Delivery usually takes from 3 to 21 days from your order date, some special sized doors or doors from abroad can take up to 6 weeks to arrive but you will be notified if this is likely to happen. Installation will commence no later than 10 days after delivery date. We will contact you up to 3 days in advance of items arriving.

The control boxes come with a 13amp plug attached. A 13amp socket will be required to plug the door in. Most people use an extension lead during installation and a permanent feed later on.

Yes, all our installations carry a 1 year guarantee. All repair works carry a 1 year guarantee. Manufacturers warranties range from 2 to 10 years. We have full public liability insurance.

Most customers prefer to be present when work is being undertaken but as long as we have sufficient access to the garage we can complete the work without you being present.

Yes, we are a UK based business and so VAT is charged at the applicable rate in force at the time of the sale, all prices shown on this website are shown EXCLUSIVE of VAT.


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